Greetings from Costa Rica!

Greetings from Costa Rica!
August 1 2014

Pura Vida!! 

Greetings from Costa Rica, a land of exquisite beauty, amazing food, and lovely people who live their lives in a richly spiritual way.  I love how the locals greet one another with the celebratory “Pura Vida”, reinforcing the concept that “life is good”! By metaphorically and literally drinking up the sweet nectar that surrounds them, Costa Ricans are awake in life, absorbing the moments and grateful for the bountiful land on which they live. 

This month, I hope to bring some Costa Rica home and live with even more “pure vida” in my heart and actions. I can’t wait to come home to the mothership in Princeton and bring back this heavenly vibe! Different classes, workshops, and more fun are coming down the pipeline! A special thanks to all the YogaStream teachers for keeping the stream flowing this summer. 

Sending handstand hugs!


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