Be Determined! For my friend in pink socks

Be Determined! For my friend in pink socks
"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort."- Jesse Owens

Determination is a strong word and an even more powerful conviction. We all have ideas of what we would like in life, of what we would like to accomplish and experience. Dreaming of it is usually the easier step and the follow-through can be what trips us up. "Fall seven times, get up eight" goes an old Japanese proverb; this mantra acknowledges that life has inherent setbacks and obstacles that can stymie our best -laid plans and goals. It is determination that gets us back up, and inspires us to wipe off our disappointment and move forward.  When I practice and teach yoga, I endeavor to convey that feeling- that the journey is indeed challenging at times but when we get back on the mat with renewed determination, we are fortifying our soul. With our eyes on the prize, whatever that is- better health, stronger core, brighter spirit, deeper breath, less stress, more compassion- our determination is the fuel, the source of " I CAN", that will give wings to our dreams. My students embolden me to be my best in life, to practice on my mat with determination, and to get up if I fall down, literally or metaphorically. And when I witness students like Linda Grenis show up on the mat every day, even the days when she will be going to chemo treatment after class, I know that the 'formula' is universal. Get up, get up,get up and be determined no matter what comes your way. Feeling your own strength and spirit is the antidote to despair, and to any feelings of powerlessness. Thank you, everyone, but especially to beautiful, Linda- the badass warrior princess of the pink socks, fighting the good fight with determination and grace. 

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