Get Smart in your Yoga!

Get Smart in your Yoga!
Feb. 21, 2015

Yoga can be practiced by anyone- if you can breathe, you can practice. And while there are many forms of practice available today, in our Western culture we are primarily practicing asana. The world of yoga postures seems limitless- new poses and new titles are generated almost daily ("puppy press", "flying lizard", "wild thing" to name a few). When we practice and/or teach asana, it is important to understand biomechanics and functional anatomy to keep us safe in the poses, and, as critical, while moving in and out of the poses. Delving deeper into the physical framework will inevitably connect us deeper to our internal landscape- an increase in physical intelligence begets an increase in emotional intelligence.

 As a yoga student, we have a calling to explore our true or perceived limitations, blockages, labels and habits. As we get stronger and tune into our physical body and its astounding potential, we often witness an increase in confidence, an amplified expression of who we are at our core.  As yoga teachers, we have a responsibility to guide our students on this path of exploration, of helping them navigate unchartered territory with clarity, of creating a safe and sustainable method that encourages modifications, and of inspiring through our own continual inquiry. We need to be well informed in order to share the beauty of the practice in an intelligent way. 

So, go ahead- get smart in your yoga and teaching. Namaste'.

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