Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations
June 16 2014

This is the perfect time of year to honor and salute the sun! Using Sun Salutations to spiritually greet the sun, we also invigorate the body and get the blood pumping, the breath moving and the smile shining! Sun Salutation 1 is easy to do, it stretches the hips and shoulders, engages the core and glutes, and clears the mind in just a few rounds. You can vary it, add on to it, or just keep repeating it for 10-20 minutes.

Sun Salutation: Start standing at the front of your mat. Lift the arms straight up and inhale, fold forward and exhale. Step the right foot back, drop the right knee and lift the arms up with an inhale. Place your hands on the mat and step back into plank, drop the knees and lower to floor on the exhale. Pull your chest forward into cobra with the inhale. Press back into Down Dog on the exhale. Step the right foot forward, drop the left knee and lift the arms up on the inhale. Place hands on the mat, step the back foot to the front and fold forward on the exhale. Lift the arms straight up on the inhale. Repeat on the other side, stepping back with the left leg first. You can change the low lunge to a crescent lunge (with the knee off the floor), hold your plank for a longer time, and any other energizing variations that you create. Have fun and spread the joy with a partner, furry or not!

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