What Is Your GiddyUp??!!

What Is Your GiddyUp??!!
We all need a mantra, a saying, a heralding call that summons energy, direction, and spirited motivation! GiddyUp is mine.....

What is your mantra, your GiddyUp? Your brain will associate this phrase or word with a reverie, almost like a bugle of the spirit, to ready itself for action. Many moments in our lives require the summoning of this force- whether we feel inert from the winter blues, dormant from shutting down because of emotions like grief, anger, apathy; or even just the fall-out from daily tasks that sometimes drain us. Find your GiddyUp and start practicing the wake-up connection to the brain, inspiring the neurons to fire and facilitate the interstate of energy. When I hear my "GiddyUp", I automatically put on my big girl pants and feel empowered, confident and clear. Life is about taking the ride with conviction and awareness, not being a bystander to the randomness of it all. As Alfred Adler succinctly wrote, "Trust only movement. Life happens at the levels of events, not of words. Trust movement."
 Let's do this- GiddyUp (or insert your version)- and be bold!
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