200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training  

The 200-hour YA-certified YogaStream teacher training program raises the bar for teaching quality yoga! This proven method provides a strong foundation for teaching intelligent yoga and advancing one's personal practice. 

This training, developed and led by Lara Heimann, MS, PT, RYT 500, is rooted in the study of anatomy, alignment, and creative movement.  Lara combines her knowledge of physical therapy and functional exercise with her love of classical vinyasa and movement, the essence of the YogaStream method. She teaches from a strong foundation of anatomy and body mechanics (and love for handstands!), helping you grow individually and advance your personal practice. 

In this training, you will learn to tap into your creativity, form inspired sequences, and gain confidence in the intelligence of your flows. You will come away from this highly experiential program with an exceptional foundation in the anatomical and inspirational side of yoga, which together create a confident and compassionate yoga teacher. 

Teacher Training Menu

  1. Postures/Asanas: English and Sanskrit names, muscular involvement, proper alignment, adjustments, modifications; beginner and advanced asanas including arm balances and inversions
  2. Anatomy: skeleton, muscles, tendons, ligaments, common yoga injuries
  3. Teaching Methodology: observing, speaking, structuring a class, sequencing a flow
  4. Theory: 8 branches of yoga, including meditation and overall goal of yoga throughout history
  5. Importance of Physical and Spiritual Core, including breath and  Bandha work
  6. Art of Adjustments, the non-verbal instruction
  7. Philosophy: Yamas/Niyamas, teacher ethics, yogic life/food choices
  8. Practicum: practice teaching in groups and individually
  9. Yoga for Special Populations
  10. Business and Ethics of Yoga
Prerequisite: Minimum of 1 year of a consistent yoga practice.

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200 and 500 Hour Registered Yoga School

YogaStream training has completely changed the way I practice yoga asana. It helps me to understand how body moves in a functional and efficient way to avoid injury and enhance stability and mobility of the body. Lara is also a very inspiring and authentic person. She inspires me to explore the possibilities of the body and mind. Love YogaStream! 

-Ariel X

Eunice W.

"Since starting Lara's YogaStream teacher training, I find that I’m simply happier!  I’m a very intense person, and somehow the teacher training and my practice at YogaStream has infused my life with a lightness and buoyancy.  Fourteen years of Ashtanga, much as I loved it, never made me feel like that!"

Eunice W.

"Lara Heimann is a stellar yoga teacher, and an even more stellar human being. I learned so much from this training, and feel well-equipped to guide other yogis through safe, effective, beneficial, and inspiring classes. I am honoured to be a graduate of this program, and am so grateful for Lara's mentorship and guidance."

Samantha B.