Anatomy and Therapeutics: (100-150 hours)

Anatomy is defined as the investigation of the internal workings of the body.  We will delve into a deeper understanding of human anatomy and movement. Lara has developed a proven method of teaching functional anatomy to yogis that elevates their own yoga practice and teaching. Understanding the internal workings of the body is essential for teaching and will be the foundation of growth in the yoga practice.  Additionally, we can apply therapeutic techniques to our yoga practice and teaching. Drawing from a few disciplines, as diverse as physical therapy and chakra cleansing, we will learn how to heal and brighten the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through attention, alignment, breath and connection to core

Shoulder Anatomy and Therapeutics:  25 hours 

Hip Anatomy and Therapeutics 25 hours

Spine Anatomy and Therapeutics 25 hours

Upper and Lower Extremities Anatomy and Therapeutics 25 hours

Whole Body Therapeutics:  50 hours (weeklong)

For this weeklong immersion, we will investigate the entire body, with the focus rooted in postural alignment and the subsequent imbalances that are revealed in our yoga practice. Movement is medicine and our therapeutic model is steeped in this philosophy. Lara will teach daily 2-3 hour practices rich with therapeutic examples of how to improve different conditions in the body.  These techniques (from different disciplines including physical therapy) will be layered with anatomy and physiology review so that you can enhance your critical-thinking and observational skills to better serve your students. 

Innovative Sequencing (20 hours): 

Creating a yoga class shouldn’t feel boring or devoid of inspiration! Learn how to take your creativity and teaching of sequencing to the next level and raise the bar for your students and your own practice.  During this module, you will not only receive sequences developed by Lara, but also have the opportunity to craft and develop your own sequences with Lara’s guidance.


Breath and Bandha (25 hours):  

Breath work is both the most basic and most complicated aspect of yoga sadhana that we teach; bandha work is the most useful and esoteric piece of the vinyasa magic. Lara will guide you to connect to both breath and bandha in a direct and powerful way.  With this new layer of breath and bandha integration, you will amplify the experience in each pose and advance your practice (and ultimately your students’ practices) in a profound way. 

Adjustments and Manual Therapy (20 hours):

Fascia is the connective tissue that covers our entire body like a huge wrapping, heavily influencing the resting tone and posture of the body. Tightness in one area can have a chain reaction in the fascial band, showing up as imbalances in your yoga poses. You will learn techniques for myofascial release and traditional massage modalities healing touch and optimizing the experience in a pose.


 Yoga For Special Populations (25 hours):

Learn how to teach yoga to a variety of different populations and environments, including athletes, seniors, corporate, and beginner. Honing our critical thinking skills, we will investigate what the needs of each population generally are and how you can design and adapt a class to the population that you are serving. Will include functional training, review of anatomy and physiology, special considerations and various props that can enhance the yoga experience.


 Advanced Asanas and Drills (25 hours):

Learning the more complicated or advanced asanas takes time, patience, practice and discipline. In this module, we will deconstruct particular asanas and investigate what is needed from a musculoskeletal alignment standpoint. Weaving in a variety of drills that can assist the strength and balance needed in the body will help the poses become more approachable. Poses will include a variety of arm balances, forearm, handstand (with variations), and transitions in and out of poses.


Yamas off the Mat (20 hours):

This module will focus on the first branch of the Astanga eight-limbed system and how we can bring modern-day relevance to this philosophical idea. Through yoga practice, group discussion and ahimsa lessons (including vegan cooking and lifestyle), we will bring our yamas off the mat and into our daily lives in a meaningful and successful way.

Trainees will bring contemporary relevance to this ancient philosophy of self-work through the lens of asana, meditation, discussion and self-inquiry.


Mindfulness and Meditation: 35 hours (2 parts)

Mindfulness is a practice of being fully present, not necessarily trying to change things as they arise, but more importantly, to notice our own tendencies, thoughts and behavior patterns. Through the practice of mindfulness meditation and discussion, we will empower ourselves with the most important aspect of living- being fully present. Trainees will understand the concept of mindfulness and how it can be practiced daily and successfully to bring more balance and harmony into our lives. They will have strategies and techniques including meditation and breath work to share with students.

Part 1: The Practice: A weekend of practicing mindfulness is run retreat-style and is open for everyone, beginners welcome. This weekend program is an introduction to the practices of mindfulness, meditation and self-inquiry. Drawing on Buddhist, Vedic, and Chinese traditions as well as contemporary psychology, the mindfulness and meditation techniques that you will learn have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, increase life satisfaction and strengthen relationships . So that you can be fully immersed in the experience of your practice, we will provide food. (20 hours)

Instructor: Mark Agrusti, RYT 500

Part 2: Incorporating Mindfulness/Meditation into Your Teaching

prerequisite: Part 1

This weekend workshop will help you deepen your practice and learn how to incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and self-inquiry into your teaching. The practices in this module will build upon the fundamentals learned in part 1. So that you can be fully immersed in the experience of your practice, we will provide food. (15 hours)

Instructor: Mark Agrusti, RYT 500


Restorative Yoga (15 hours):

Restorative yoga is a practice designed by a physical therapist to boost the parasympathetic nervous system, benefitting our healing, energy levels, and overall wellbeing. The poses are designed to create a calm, non-active feeling in the body, as it is fully supported by various props.

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200 and 500 Hour Registered Yoga School

"YogaStream is a yoga revolution in the yoga world. It combines classical yoga with kinesiology and anatomy. The intense yet intelligent sequences always help me to enter the meditative state of mind quickly. With the knowledge that I have learned from the teacher training, I am able to help people with their posture, alignment and to design an appropriate exercise to reduce their physical pain and improve their overall well-being. I feel so strong and capable that I can change the whole world."


"Your class was invigorating. Surprised to learn with proper alignment, I could do a lot more poses with ease - testament to what a great teacher you are! Studio is nice, lots of unique classes such as stretch and melt. Love the stuff from contemplate. Looking forward to my next class to continue to deepen my practice."

-Recent Newcomer, December 2017

"I am stronger both physically and mentally. I have faced my fear of talking and teaching in front of multiple people. I find myself being able to express myself more clearly both on and off the mat. The only thing I wish was that I could do it all over again-I didn’t want it to end."

-Debra H.

"This training went way above and beyond my expectationsI expected to learn about yoga, but in reality I also learned about myself and about  challenge and compassion as well.  Not to mention meeting all the amazing people in our group.  It was a once in a lifetime experience. It truly changed my life."

-Katie S