We offer 200-hour and 500-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Trainings.

At the 200-hour training, students will gain a strong foundation in functional anatomy and alignment and its' importance in the sequencing and teaching of a vinyasa class. This training emphasizes experiential learning in both yoga asana and philosophy to advance one’s personal practice and embody the concepts of ancient philosophy in a modern day context. The students are trained to instruct an intelligent and sustainable class that can be modified for multiple levels.

At the 500-hour training, students delve deeper into functional anatomy, movement and the nuances of teaching yoga across a broad spectrum of student ability. Structured in a modular format, students can complete and absorb the information from each section at their own pace. This training will bring more knowledge to students in both their teaching and individual practice as they continue their inquiry on the yogic path.

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200 and 500 Hour Registered Yoga School

"YogaStream is a yoga revolution in the yoga world. It combines classical yoga with kinesiology and anatomy. The intense yet intelligent sequences always help me to enter the meditative state of mind quickly. With the knowledge that I have learned from the teacher training, I am able to help people with their posture, alignment and to design an appropriate exercise to reduce their physical pain and improve their overall well-being. I feel so strong and capable that I can change the whole world."


"I am stronger both physically and mentally. I have faced my fear of talking and teaching in front of multiple people. I find myself being able to express myself more clearly both on and off the mat. The only thing I wish was that I could do it all over again-I didn’t want it to end."

-Debra H.

"This training went way above and beyond my expectationsI expected to learn about yoga, but in reality I also learned about myself and about  challenge and compassion as well.  Not to mention meeting all the amazing people in our group.  It was a once in a lifetime experience. It truly changed my life."

-Katie S